Cantilevered Signal Bridges

HO Kits sold out. Discontinued, however, special orders for bulk purchases might be possible. Contact me if you want more.



Used by the Southern RR and C&O Railway, these signal bridges controlled traffic on many of the main lines.

We offer the small and large style signal bridge in N scale and the large style in HO scale. The N Scale kits include improved brass tooling and laser cut acrylic pedestals.

The models are made with photo etched brass. You can download a color copy of the instructions here. The kits can be soldered or assembled with CAA glue.

No signal lights are provided in the kit. The N Scale model comes with several etched brass targets without hoods.  


Photoetched brass

Dimensions (Approx):

L 2 in.  /  D 2 in.  /  H 0.010 in. (N)

L 4 in.  /  D 4 in.  /  H 0.010 in. (HO


HO Scale Large Style Cantilevered Signal Bridge sold out