This laser cut wood kit is an HO scale model of a 28 ft. flat car. The model is based on a Harlan and Hollingsworth design from the 1860s. The kit includes side walls to allow conversion to a gondola and the model can be built either way. Both versions of the car very similar to designs used by many railroads of the time. The black and white photos show examples in service with the USMRR.

This is a simple kit and is a good introduction to laser cut railroad model car kits. Basic car assembly should take between one and two hours including painting. The instructions show the simple assembly steps and can be downloaded by 

clicking here.

The kit does not include trucks, but we offer the approriate wood beam trucks for the car below.


Laser cut plywood, resin board, and brass wire

Dimensions: (Approx).


L: 3.9 in.  /  D: 1.1 in.  /  H: 1 in. (HO Scale)



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