DODX Cars Status

I just got a note from the etchers (well a bill actually) but the second batch of DODX cars is on the way! That's the good news. We will ship the kits as soon as they get here. 

The bad news is that they did not fill out the whole second batch order. I gave them a call to find out why, and the told me it was because they ran out of metal. They have more metal on order and will ship the rest of the second batch ASAP. They will give me a better ETA later this week. I suggested that they get some more metal as I'll probably be doing a third run soon. Hopefully we can fill most of the existing orders from this inbound batch. 

Sorry for the delay. This is a busy time for my etchers as there is a rush on Christmas Tree Ornaments, which are a large component of their business.

We still have plenty of chain sets on hand.