This laser cut wood kit is an HO scale model of a 28 ft. Ventilated Box Car (also known as a Combination Box Car) . The model is based on the Illinois Central 1855 Combination Box Car shown in White’s book, “The American Freight Car.” White’s book also has a photo of a very similar IC car in service around 1890. Another photo shows a car very similar to this in Chattanooga in 1863, during the American Civil War.

The kit uses precision laser cut parts with tabs and slots to simplify construction. It includes pre-formed wire grabs and nut and bolt washer details.

For larger color images and more details on the kit download the full color instruction manual by


The kit includes wood-frame, rigid bolster trucks appropriate for this car in the 1855 version. For later versions arch bar trucks are appropriate, but are nto included.

Wheelsets are not included. The trucks are designed to accept Branchline 33 inch, code 88 wheels or comparable Kadee wheelsets.

Also included are two link and pin coupler boxes (pins and links not included). While the couplers are functional, they are intended primarily for display and not layout operation due to their small size.

A set of decals for the various Illinois Central versions is also available (order separately).


Laser cut plywood, resin board, and brass wire


L: 3.9 in.  /  D: 1.1 in.  /  H: 2 in. (HO Scale)

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