N Scale Custom Cut Tunnel Portals

Using laser cut technology these models simulate concrete tunnel portals used by the B&O, C&O and D&RGW railroads. The models use multiple layers of various thickness acrylic and other materials to create accurate prototype based renditions of the actual tunnels. Price listed is for one portal kit. To model both ends of a tunnel, you will need two portals. In some cases, the prototype portals on a tunnel are different, so please be careful when selecting the portals you want.

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery as these are custom cut based on your order. If you wish to customize, we can engrave other names, numbers, railroad logos, or just about anything you want on these tunnels for an addtional charge of $10 per portal. Send us an email for further information: info@alkemscalemodel.com

If you want a tunnel portal in a different scale such as Z, S, or O please contact us for pricing and availability.


C&O Single and Double Track Tunnels

Single Track: Blue Ridge, Brookville, Lewis, Lewis 1931, Alleghany, Crozet (Original Stone tunnel from 1845)

Double Track: Alleghany 1932, Alleghany 1930-1932, (sic: this is the correct spelling for the C&O Alleghany Tunnel), Moores Tunnel 1931, White Suphur 1931, Stretchers Neck 1930-1932

The B&O Double Track Tunnels are available for Stuart, Carothers and Graham Tunnels

DRGW Tennessee Pass Tunnel Portal kit includes the wooden shed on the south portal. The north portal is similar but omits the shed.

Please specify the desired number for the DRGW Single Track Tunnel with number when ordering.

Southern Pacific (ATSF) Single Track Tunnels from the Tehachapi Line

C&O Single Track

N Alleghany 1930-1932 $29.99

N Blue Ridge $29.99

N Brookville $29.99

N Lewis $29.99

N Lewis 1935 $29.99

C&O Double Track

N Alleghany 1932 $35.99

N Little Bend $35.99

N white Sulphur 1931 $35.99

N Stretchers Neck 1930-1932 $35.99

B&O Double Track

N BO Stuart $39.99

N BO Graham $39.99

N BO Carothers $39.99

N Tennessee Pass $39.99

N DRGW Single Track with Number $25.99

N Walong Tunnel 9 West Portal $29.99

N Walong Tunnel 9 East Portal $29.99

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To purchase with Paypal