Carpentry Tools

This O Scale kit includes a complete set of tools to equip a typical steam era carpenter. These tools can be found in use from the mid-19th century until today. The tools include 3 hammers, 2 hand axes, 4 spoke shaves, 1 shave horse, 2 bow saws, 5 hand saws, 6 clamps, 2 tongs, 8 chisels, 2 dividers, 3 try squares, 2 drill braces, 1 tool box, 1 work bench, 1 set of shelves, 1 tool rack, and 2 saw horses. Figures and shed not included.

The sample images show two tool sets combined.


Laser cut resin board and basswood

Dimensions (Approx):


To purchase using Paypal 

To purchase using Paypal 

O Scale Tool Kit $19.99