Adding operating gates is easy with this kit.

First invented in the mid 19th Century in the United Kingdom, chain link fence is one of the most commonly used types of the fences in the world.   Anchor Fence (established in 1898) bought the rights to the fence weaving machine and was the first American company to manufacture chain-link fencing in the United States. Anchor Fence also holds the first United States patent of chain-link.

If you ever tried to make HO scale models of chain link fence with wedding veil tulle or plastic mesh, you know what a pain it can be. With this easy to install photo etched kit, the pain is over.  With this kit it is easy to make hundreds of scale feet of neat and highly detailed chain link fencing.

Prototype fences come in many sizes and gauges. This kit represents a typical security fence used in many commercial applications.  This kit contains about 200 scale feet of 6-feet tall fence with triple strand barbed wire, a 30-feet long cantilevered sliding gate, a 15-feet vehicle gate, and a 3-feet personnel gate.   Note, the barbed wire can be cut off if desired. The kit includes a piece of 0.032 inch wire to use as vertical posts as needed. The parts include many of the details found in chain link fence, albeit in a flat etched part. 

The material is stainless steel  that is just 0.005 inches thick. This allows the finest detail as the photo etching process will allow to be included, such as the barbs on the barbed wire. Though the material is just 0.005-inch thick, it is quite sturdy and can stand on its own. You can use the included piece of wire to add posts and horizontal bars, but the fence can be installed without any posts if you so desire. 



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