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Waterfront Terminals and Operations

by Bernard Kempinski

Rail-marine operations are a vital aspect of modern transportation, and Waterfront Terminals and Operations explores this interesting topic in model railroading.

This book includes:

  • A historical overview of the railroad-marine interface - the terminal where railroad tracks meet lakes or sea, from a modeler's perspective.
  • Chapters on break bulk piers and terminals, grain terminals, mineral terminals, railroad ferries and car float terminals, container terminals, barge terminals, ship building, and modeling water and wharves.
  • Prototype information along with buildable track plans and modeling tips.

Waterfront Terminals and Operations -signed copy $21.99


45 Original Track Plans

by Bernard Kempinski


This book features 45 original track plans created by respected  author Bernard Kempinski. None of these track plans have been published before, so modelers will get an exclusive look at all-new material. Plans include:
•    A variety of scales, including HO, HOn3, N, S, Sn3, O and On30.
•    A variety of portrayed locations, including  Great Britain, Peru, France, Iran, all over the United States, and a futuristic plan set on Mars 70 years from now. 
•    Room-sized plans to those that fill a basement or garage.

The plans are present innovative concepts and some ideas never before seen on model railroads. 

Here are two reviewer's comments.


Tom E writes, "I have just received a copy of Mr. Bernard Kempinski's new Model Railroad book "45 Original Track Plans"  having been in the Model Railroad hobby for over 42 years and having read an infinite amount of track plan books I can truly say this one is the best one ever! Having been a "rubber gauger" with many layouts built HO, HOn3 ON3. ON30, O SG, 1.20.3, 7/8n2 I find this to be the definitive work encompassing all scales. Over the years I have visited many of the Railroads and locales proposed in the book and find that Mr. Kempinski has captured the essence of all of them. The plans are simple & straight forward all scales and sizes all of them ooze authenticity and great operating possibility, this is the book you need on your reference library book shelf!!"
Bruce M writes, "A copy of your book arrived here this week. Very nice! I have not read the entire book but have flipped through all the pages and read 5 or 6 descriptions. I share your love at looking at track plans. As a Westerner, I can see your Eastern afinity but you have plenty of Western roads - especially in the larger layouts. I guess we need more wide-open spaces. I also enjoy switching layouts so the small ones have lots of interest to me. I especially appreciate the prototype background you give on the railroads and the operational suggestions. Clearly you have thought about opearations when you draw up the plans."

45 Original Track Plans Signed Copy $21.99



Model Railroads Go to War

by Bernard Kempinski


Model Railroads Go to War is the only book that covers a large scope of model railroading wartime scenes. Written by veteran author Bernard Kempinski, it spans the American Civil War through Operation Iraqi Freedom. This guide provides detailed modeling information and historical insight, making it ideal an ideal choice for both modelers and history buffs. It also includes:
•    A rare combination of historical text and photos. 
•    Step-by-step instructions.
•    Track plans that illustrate how to model a military railroad from various time periods.

The book features amazing photos from over a dozen layouts, including  three new fantastic layouts that have not been published in the model railroad press, and three new projects layouts built specifically for the book. 

View of sample of the book click here and see sample video below.


Table of Contents 

Chapter 1: Railroads Redefine Warfare
Chapter 2: Beanpoles and Cornstalks: the USMRR in Virginia
Chapter 3: The Cracker Line: Civil War Railroads in the Western Theater
Chapter 4: Railroad Guns and Armored Trains
Chapter 5: Cambrai: the Trains behind the Breakthrough
Chapter 6: Arsenal of Democracy: American Railroads in WWII
Chapter 7: Cherbourg: Gateway to France
Chapter 8: Cold War and Beyond: Railroads in Modern Conflicts
Chapter 9: Rockets on Rails: Kennedy Space Center Railroad

Additional Information
About the Author

Model Railroads Go to War Signed Copy $19.95

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Some review comments.

Matt L. says,  "My signed copy arrived in California only a few days after ordering. Impressive. 
I have already read the book through once and am looking forward to a more detailed read. With roots in the Army of the Potomac and the Marine Brigade of the AEF (loved the photo of the Marines on the 40 and 8!) I naturally found the Civil War and Cambrai chapters particularly interesting.  How people engineer and operate sophisticated (for the time) transportation systems under such extreme circumstances is fasinating, but I think it is important not to loose sight of the awful tragedy those circumstances reflect, and I thought the book found that balance well. Very nice work. 
Richard B says, "I finished reading your "Model Railroads Go To War" last night and want to let you know that I found it well crafted and very informative. I've been hanging around this hobby for decades, but almost everything you presented was new to me. Thanks for your effort."

This is a short video featuring one of the project layouts built especially for the book.

The Model Railroader's Guide to Steel Mills

by Bernard Kempinski

This book provides a reference for modelers to the workings of steel mills and the railroads that serve them. From raw-materials-in to steel-products-out, The Model Railroader’s Guide to Modeling Steel Mills explains the industrial process and the massive complex built around steel production. The model railroader using this book will better understand how to create a realistic mill area and set up its rail operations. Chapters are included for steelmaking, steel mill railroads, steel mill track planning, and modeling tips. Kalmbach Publishing has an 8 page preview on their website at http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/yhst-22106725251441/12435spread.pdf.

Here are some readers' comments:

"The best illustrated model railroad book I have ever seen." Doug Gurin, founder Layout Design SIG

"I don’t know enough superlatives to compliment you adequately about  “The Model Railroader’s Guide to Steel Mills”. What a great book for those of us who want to model steel mill operations for their railroad! I’d describe my reactions as inspired, enthused, and grateful for the information. " William Wallace

"Best book yet from MR. It is very informative so you understand what you are modelling and it has a very nice set of layout plan examples. I hope they make more industrial books like this. "  R. Sieben

"If you are considering building a model railroad layout in which the steel industry plays a major or important part, you will find this book a fabulous mine of information."  J. Jacque

Steel Mill Book Signed Copy $21.95

Mid-Sized Track Plans for Realistic Layouts

by Bernard Kempinski

Features 26 innovative model railroad track plans in Z, N, HO, O, and G Scales that fit spaces from 8'x10' to a 20'x20' G Scale garage layout. Based on such interesting prototype lines as Western Maryland – Thomas Subdivision, White Pass & Yukon, Norfolk Southern's Shirley Industrial Park, Chesapeake & Ohio's Chicago Divison, Denver & Rio Grande Western's Craig Branch, Erie/LTV Mining Railroad, Utah Railway, USMRR City Point Line, Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington and New York City's Bush Terminal.

Each chapter presents a different prototype, provides a historical background, with operational information and includes track plans in multilple scales. The text is accompanied by numerous photos, maps and diagrams.

Read what reviewers have had to say:

"The more I read through your new book, the more impressed I am. Very nice work, sir." Tony Koester, Editor Model Railroad Planning

"Nice work - congratulations! There's a definite need for guidance in the midsize layout design arena and you have provided some great inspiration, especially with the Thomas, Craig, Soldier Summit, and Peru venues. The more I read through your book, the more I'm impressed with your research & ops notes - we need more of this in the hobby press." Ron Burkhardt

"I just picked up Mid-Size Plans for Realistic Layouts. If anyone is remotely interested in constructing a model railroad of City Point, this is the book for you. Bernie includes not 1 but 3 possible plans; one is 0 gauge. He adds several period photos and illustrations I have never seen as well as 3 maps of the entire area, one very detailed of the wharf area. His text covers some City Point history, operations and facilities, rationale for modeling a CW layout and ideas for both HO and 0 gauge. This is valuable just as a reference in building any CW railroad; you'll get ideas on how to consider and create design elements for operations of any line you may choose to model." Thom Radice

" A must have and a Great liitle reference guide for anyone who is considering building the City Point area. Mine just came today. Excellent work as usual Bernie." Brian Kammerer, Producer, The Other Great Locomotive Chase

Click here to download the Table of Contents and a sample of the text.

Mid Size Track Plans Book Signed Copy $21.95