HO Scale C&O Standard Wooden Crossing Signs

This easy to build, laser cut styrene kit makes two C&O Standard Wooden Signs. These signs were used in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. The kit includes parts and decals to make signs for all these states. See the drawing  for the art work for the all the states. They may be appropriate for railroads other than the C&O in these states too.

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To purchase with Paypal

HO Cross Bucks $5.99

Alkem Scale Models

Fine scale kits for model railroaders

What is Alkem Scale Models?

Alkem Scale Models is a small kit design and manufacturing company specializing in fine scale, highly-detailed and prototypically-basedkits and detail parts for model railroaders and other hobbyists. Our kits use computer aided design and usually include photoetched brass and or laser cut wood, acrylic and bristol board parts. They are designed and engineered for ease of assembly and scale accuracy. Our metal parts are etched to aerospace-medical quality by an ISO 9001 registered firm. We also have precision casting and electronic fabricators in our network of subcontractors.

It is really a misnomer to call them craftsman kits, as most of the hard work of measuring and cutting is accurately done by the laser or etching process. Our kits do not include big piles of strip wood. Instead, almost all of our parts are cut to size, ready to be glued, sanded and finished. For example our coal dock kits use precision cut acrylic parts. All the builder has to do is glue the parts together, and in some caces, fill in seam lines.

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